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Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Install on Your Blog

WordPress is considered as the most professional blogging platform to start your blogging career. Though Blogger is also a really great blogging platform that allows you to start your blogging career at no cost, it isn't as dynamic as WordPress. The fact that there are many plugins for WordPress to do most of our task has made it the most sought after CMS tool.

There are hundreds of thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory from where you can download and install different plugins on your blog with some simple clicks. These plugins can do almost any task that you are in need of and even when you don't know anything about PHP or coding, you won't face any issues in working with WordPress. But for one single task, there might be hundred different plugins so how to find out which one is the best? To clear your doubts, today in this post, I am going to list the 10 best WordPress plugins that you should install on your blog without second thought.

Best WordPress Plugins

10 Best WordPress Plugins that are Must Haves:

1. Akismet

Spam comments are the biggest headache for a blogger. Once your blog is getting indexed in Google and getting attention on social media sites, you will start getting lots of spam comments on your blog. This can happen even if your blog is just a few days old. You can't manage all the spam comments on your own. So there is a free plugin called Akismet that filters the comments and assign the spam comments in the spam folder from where you can delete them directly.

Download Akismet - Link

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a normal practice that every blogger do to get his/her blog noticed in the search engines. So having a plugin that makes your task easy is a great way to save your time. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best SEO plugin out there for WordPress blogs as it takes care of every SEO need of your blog. The best part about the plugin is that it is completely free.

Download WordPress SEO by Yoast - Link

3. Google XML Sitemaps

When your blog is new, you will have to notify the search engines that the content is being published and that your blog has been updated. The search engines bots won't know about it unless you tell them. Sitemaps are an effective way to tell the search engines that a new post is published on your blog and is ready to get crawled and indexed. Google XML Sitemaps is the best plugin that automatically creates sitemaps for your blog whenever new article is updated on your blog.

Download Google XML Sitemaps - Link

4. W3 Total Cache

The performance, the loading speed of your blog is very important factor in deciding the success of your blog in the long run. W3 Total Cache is the plugin that will help you enhancing the performance of your WordPress blog. With some simple settings, you will be able to speed up your blog in no time. Plus you can compress Javascript and CSS files to increase the loading time tremendously.

Download W3 Total Cache - Link

5. WP

When you publish an article on your blog, you normally add 1-2 images along with it to make the content more appealing. But this images are mostly not optimized and can be compressed to decrease the loading time. WP Smush.It can easily smush the images on your blog's server and compress it to decrease its size so that it don't take long to load the images.

Download WP Smush.It - Link

6. WP Optimize

Optimizing the database tables of your blog is a very tough task and if you don't have complete knowledge on how to do it, then you will end up screwing everything on your blog. WP Optimize is a plugin that will help you optimize the database tables by removing post revisions, spam comments, un-approved comments that puts load on your server and help you in decreasing the server load time.

Download WP Optimize - Link

7. Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-in-one solution for your WordPress blog and it comes pre-installed whenever you install a new WordPress blog. This amazing plugin comes with many features like checking the stats of your blog, custom CSS feature, subscription options, sharing options and many more things. You won't have to install different plugins if you use Jetpack on your blog. If it's not already installed on your blog or you have removed it, then I recommend you to install the plugin immediately.

Download Jetpack for WordPress - Link

8. SEO Smart Links

You might have heard the benefits of internal linking many times from many bloggers. By internal linking, you not only provide more articles to your readers but you also create a strong path so that your entire blog is crawled and indexed properly. But adding internal links everytime might be a time-consuming task, mainly when you have thousands of posts on your blog. SEO Smart Links is the plugin that you need at such a time. You have to install it and then add the keywords and the URL of the article in the settings and then whenever that keyword will appear in the article, SEO Smart Links will add the assigned URL to that keyword and linking the post automatically. You can also nofollow all the external links on your site using this plugin.

Download SEO Smart Links - Link

9. jQuery Lazy Load Plugin

If there is even a small way to decrease and improve the loading speed of your blog then you should do it. jQuery Lazy Load plugin is a small plugin that loads the images in your article only when required. The images won't load together, but as you scroll down the page, the images will load at that time. This will help you in improving the loading speed of the article and thus the blog.

Download jQuery Lazy Load plugin - Link

10. Limit Login Attempts

The security of your WordPress blog is very important because there are hackers sitting ready to pounce on your blog and hack everything from it. There is no guaranteed way to stop the hackers but you can at least do some little things that will limit them from taking your possession from you. Limit Login Attempts is one such plugin that protects your login form. You can install the plugin and add the number of re-tries allowed when someone enters a wrong password. If a person enters a wrong password multiple time, the login form will be locked for that IP address for the time that you save in the settings.

Download Limit Login Attempts - Link

These were the top 10 best WordPress plugins that you should install on your WordPress blog. I would say that whenever you install a new WordPress blog, the first thing you need to do is download all these plugins and install them.

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I know that there are many other WordPress plugins that can be included in this list, but these are the plugins that cannot be replaced and they are the best in the tasks they do. However if you think that there is some other plugin that can be considered as the best WordPress plugin then add it via your comments. I would love to hear your views on this!

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Download Cydia - How to Get Cydia on your iPhone and iPad

People who own an iDevice like an iPhone or an iPad will surely know what Cydia is. If you own an iPhone and you don't know about Cydia app, then you have not been using your smartphone to its full potential. Cydia application doesn't come pre-installed on your device and you cannot download it from any place. There is a small guide you need to follow in order to download Cydia on your iDevice.

If you want to install Cydia on your smartphone, then you need to jailbreak your iDevice. That's the only way you will be able to download Cydia on your phone. There's no other possible way using which you can get the app other than jailbreaking.

cydia download

What is Cydia?

Cydia is a third-party app installer developed by Jay Freeman. The app lets you install various tweaks on your smartphone to customize the look and feel of your device.

You can also install different paid apps on your device for free using Cydia application (We don't promote piracy and you should never download cracked apps). Not only does it allow you to get apps and games, both free and premium, you can also get some amazing tweaks that will help you increase the performance of your device.

To know more about Cydia, check out this post - What is Cydia?

How to Jailbreak Your iDevice to Download Cydia?

To install Cydia on your iDevice, you need to first jailbreak your smartphone. There are many different ways using which you can jailbreak your device, but don't fall for the ones that offers you the service for free.

Normally these free jailbreak downloads don't function really well and might contains harmful malwares and malicious programs that can cause your device to crash and your data might get deleted most of the time. You can restore to the original settings but there is always a possibility that you will void the warranty of your device.

Here we have listed 2 of the best sites where you can get the best jailbreak service for your smartphone. Both of them are paid services, so don't expect to get the service for free.

Cydia Download - How to Get the App?

Once your device is jailbreaked, you will automatically find the Cydia app installed in your iDevice. You won't have to download it separately and install it as it comes pre-installed in jailbroken devices.

Now you can just tap on the Cydia icon on the homescreen or in the application drawer and now you will be able to install various different apps and games and also download some performance tweaks to improve your smartphone's performance.

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I hope that you liked the article and now you now how to get Cydia app on your iOS devices. If you liked the post on Cydia download, then share it with your friends and let them know about the method too!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Download Subway Surfers for PC (With Direct Download Link)

Do you want to download Subway Surfers for PC because you don't own an Android smartphone or an iPhone? If you are looking for a way to play the addictive game on your computer, then this post is right for you as in this post, you are going to see 2 simple ways to download Subway Surfers for PC.

Subway Surfers has been considered to be one of the most popular and addictive games for smartphones and in my opinion, almost every person with an Android device or an iDevice have installed the game at least once. The game play of the game is fairly simple as you need to just run while dodging the trains and other barriers while collecting coins and upgrades on the way. You are running to escape from the inspector and his dog and the far you you go, the better score you can make. So if this sounds interesting to you, here's the guide to download Subway Surfers for PC.

Subway Surfers for PC

How to Download Subway Surfers for PC?

To download Subway Surfers on your computer and install it, you will need to download and install an Android emulator software on your computer first. Once the emulator is installed, you can easily install any android app or game that you want on your PC.

Here's the step-by-step guide to install Subway Surfers on PC so follow all the steps properly and at the end you will have the game installed.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks App player on your computer, works on both Windows and Mac OS. (Download Link)

Step 2: Once Bluestacks is installed on your computer, you need to launch it on your desktop.

Step 3: On the dashboard of the software, you will see a search icon on top, click on it and type in "Subway Surfers" and then hit find.

Step 4: The search will give you many results, so select the first one from the result and then hit the Install button.

Step 5: Follow all the instructions that appear on the screen. Next you will be redirected to the Google Play Store, hit the install button there, accept the terms and conditions and the download process will begin. The download process will take some minutes so be patient.

Step 6: The game will now be installed on your PC. Now you need to go to Bluestacks and on the dashboard, you will see a "My Apps" tab, click on it and you will find the game installed.

Step 7: Hit the game icon and the game will launch. Subway Surfers for PC has been successfully installed on your computer so start playing.

That's how you can download Subway Surfers on computer using the emulator software. You can even download the game directly and play it without any emulator software.

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Direct Download Link for Subway Surfers for PC:

You can also now download the game directly on your computer and start playing it without any installation process. Hit the link below to download the files.

Subway Surfers for PC (Direct Download)

Download the game files by clicking on the above link. Extract the files from it and then in the folder, you will see "Subway_Surfers.exe", click on it and the game will start on your computer. Use you mouse to play or do the setting to use your keyboard.

So folks, that were the 2 best and the simplest methods to download Subway Surfers for PC. If you liked the article, then do share the post with your friends so that they too can play the game on your computer!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Top 3 Best Sites to Download Torrents Using IDM at High Speed

There are a lot of things in common among the Internet users. Most of the Internet users like to spend their time on social networking sites like Facebook or watching videos on YouTube while they are downloading their favorite shows or movies or games using some torrent client. The best thing about torrents is that you can find anything you want to download and the worst thing about it is that no matter how good and popular your torrent client is, you will get very low download speed. So here are 3 best sites that can help you in downloading torrents using IDM (Internet Download Manager) at high download speeds.

Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers that literally captures videos and audios from all the sites and gives you an option to download them and that too at super fast speeds. So here's how you can download torrents using IDM on your computer at much greater download speed than any of the torrent clients.

Download Torrents Using IDM

Best Sites to Download Torrents Using IDM:


Furk Download torrents IDM is the best site to download torrents using Internet Download Manager. To start using it, you need to register for an account or just log in with a social networking account, login with Facebook and you will be able to upload your torrents.

You need to download .torrent files on your computer's hard disk first. Then go to, log in to your account, click on "My Files" tab, then click on "New" tab and upload the torrent file from your computer and wait for the caching process to complete and you will be able to start downloading the torrents at high speed. Sometimes, you will be able to download it with IDM while other times the files will be downloaded by your browser.

Price: Free | Size Limit: 2 GB | Speed Limit: Depends on your ISP speed | Premium Plan: Available
[ Visit ]


Boxopus download torrents with IDM is yet another amazing site that lets you download torrents at super fast speeds using Internet Download Manager. You can create an account with your email address or just log in with your Facebook account.

The interface is quite simple and you won't find any troubles getting used to it. You can upload torrent files from your computer or just use the search bar to search for torrents right from the dashboard. The torrent, once uploaded, will be added to the download queue for the caching process. Once the caching process is done, you will receive an email that your file is ready to be downloaded.

Price: Free | Size Limit: 1 GB (500 MB per file) | Speed Limit: Depends on your ISP speed | Premium Plan: Available
[ Visit ]


Zbigz torrents download using IDM

The last site in this list is and it has the most simple user interface. You can upload the torrent files right on the homepage of the site. There is no need to create an account to use the site to download torrents. Once you upload the torrents, the caching process will start and depending on the seeds available, the files will be ready to download within no time.

Price: Free | Size Limit: 1 GB | Speed Limit: ~150 Kbps | Premium Plan: Available
[ Visit ]

Which Site You Will Use to Download Torrents Using IDM?

These are the best 3 sites available and the fact that all of them are free upto a certain size limit. There are other sites as well that lets you download torrents files using Internet Download Manager but above 3 are the best in my opinion.

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However you can recommend some other sites that you have been using to download torrents using IDM and add more sites to this list. Share this post with your friends so that they too can benefit from it!

LED Streetlights Are Coming to New York City

New York is just one of the many cities across America and the world which are migrating away from traditional street lighting technology and embracing the benefits of LED bulbs to illuminate the millions of acres of tarmac and paving slabs which pedestrians and motorists use in their droves.

But like Los Angeles on the west coast of the US, the significance of New York’s adoption of LEDs is especially significant and noteworthy because of the iconic nature of the city itself. It is an icon of pop culture and for many it is seen as the capital of the world, if only in the loosest of senses.

So what is New York planning to do with LED streetlights and what difference will they make to the city as a whole?

LED Streetlights Are Coming to New York City

Modern Times

The Daily Mail reports that Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, announced last autumn that LED lighting would be coming to the metropolis, replacing old fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Upto 250,000 individual lights are earmarked for replacement as part of the upgrade and although the process will be staggered rather than taking place in an instant, eventually the city will be bathed in the bright, consistent glow of LEDs.

Savings Potential

While there will undoubtedly be expenses that the local government has to bear in order to facilitate the switchover, current estimates suggest that savings of up to $14 million a year will be made because of the lower energy consumption of LEDs.

The savings are significant in terms of overhauling an entire city, but the same benefits on a much smaller scale are available to businesses and homeowners who choose to select LED lighting solutions.

There has been a lot of talk about the change in lighting to LEDs in New York and LA. The move will play its part in the look of the films which are set there, as well as the nature of the techniques that filmmakers will need to deploy to make the most of them.

For one thing it is anticipated by experts that directors will have to start using LED lighting on-set themselves whenever filming outdoors on the streets of New York. This will help them to match the colour temperature of the LED bulbs mounted in streetlamps.

It might be trickier to shoot period pieces in New York which are set before LED lighting was rolled out, but in reality it should be possible to alter saturation and contrast in post-production to address any issues.

And of course if more film and TV shows are forced to use LED lighting to match New York and LA, then the energy savings will be spread to more areas, along with the cost advantages.

The plans to use LED streetlights in the Big Apple pave the way for more cities to legitimately back similar schemes, because it will be a case of keeping pace with global leaders and other large cities won’t want to be left behind as technology progresses in America.

Image Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

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The Best Facebook Proxy Login Sites to Unblock and Access Facebook

Are you looking for some of the best Facebook proxy login sites? Then you are on the right place as in this article, you will be able to find the best sites that you can use to unblock and access Facebook from any place you want.

Most of companies, workplaces and schools/colleges block Facebook and other social networking sites in order to increase productivity by decreasing the distraction caused by such networking sites. Due to this, you won't be able to access Facebook even when the companies and schools/colleges offer free WiFi and that's when Facebook proxy login sites come into action. These sites are capable to bypass the blocks implemented on the networking sites and allows you to use Facebook and go through all the status updates. In this article, you are going to see the 3 best Facebook proxy login sites that works like charm and lets you access Facebook from restricted areas as well.

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best Facebook Proxy Login sites

Best Facebook Proxy Login Sites to Unblock Facebook Access

1. The Facebook Proxy

The Facebook Proxy Facebook proxy login sites

The best proxy site to access Facebook in restricted places is The Facebook Proxy. With this site, you will be easily able to access Facebook from anywhere, from schools, colleges, workplaces and other restricted areas. The site gives you easy to use interface and provides proper security. The best thing about The Facebook Proxy is that you can not only use it to access Facebook but also to access other blocked websites.

[ Visit The Facebook Proxy ]

2. Proxy Mice

Proxy Mice best Facebook proxy login sites

The other best proxy site to unblock and access Facebook is Proxy Mice. It's a simple and easy to use interface that is designed keeping in mind that no one faces any troubles using the site. You just have to enter the link of the site and a page will be presented on the screen guiding you through the complete process. The best thing about Proxy Mice is the high level of security it provides to its users and that makes it one of the best Facebook Proxy Login sites to use.

[ Visit Proxy Mice ]

3. Unblock Facebook Proxy

Unblock Facebook Proxy Facebook proxy login sites

The third one in this list is Unblock Facebook Proxy. This site allows you easy access to Facebook and other blocked sites in any network with limitations and barriers and allows you to use Facebook anonymously. The site gives you various options to protect yourself and the security provided by it is also very high. Clearly, it can be counted as one of the best proxy sites to login to Facebook.

[ Visit Unblock Facebook Proxy ]

How to Use Facebook Proxy Login Sites?

All the three sites mentioned above are easy to operate and the user interface is also too easy to face any difficulties in using them. All you have to do is type in and the proxy site will load the social network on your PC. That's it!

I hope that you found out what you were looking for. These are the best Facebook Proxy login sites that you can use to access Facebook and other blocked websites in any restricted networks and stay updated with everything. Do leave your comments below if you know about any other proxy site!

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Best Social Bookmarking Sites With High Pagerank

Social Bookmarking sites have been considered to be one of the best sources to gain high traffic and also get some decent pagerank for your website. Over the years, the webmasters and bloggers have stated that the bookmarking sites are not as useful as they used to be but still I don't see why you can't share your posts on them. Sharing your blog posts on the most active social bookmarking sites will only benefit you and there is no harm in doing so.

There have been many discussions stating that the social bookmarking sites are dead and they are not useful at all. But that's not completely true because if you use these sites properly and don't spam them, then you will see that they still have some benefits. So here I have made a list of the best social bookmarking sites that have high Pagerank and can be used to share your blog posts and articles.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites With High Pagerank

List of Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

1. Pinterest
Pagerank - 9 | Alexa Rank - 28 | Compete Rank - 32 | Link -

2. Reddit
Pagerank - 8 | Alexa Rank - 69 | Compete Rank - 349 | Link -

3. StumbleUpon
Pagerank - 8 | Alexa Rank - 155 | Compete Rank - NA | Link -

4. Digg
Pagerank - 7 | Alexa Rank - 494 | Compete Rank - 952 | Link -

5. Delicious
Pagerank - 8 | Alexa Rank - 1170 | Compete Rank - 10,293 | Link -

6. SlashDot
Pagerank - 7 | Alexa Rank - 1633 | Compete Rank - 8241 | Link -

7. DZone
Pagerank - 6 | Alexa Rank - 2928 | Compete Rank - 40911 | Link -

8. Folkd
Pagerank - 6 | Alexa Rank - 2215 | Compete Rank - NA | Link -

9. Bizsugar
Pagerank - 5 | Alexa Rank - 5284 | Compete Rank - 341,094 | Link -

10. BlogEngage
Pagerank - 0 | Alexa Rank - 8021 | Compete Rank - 1,034,057 | Link -

These are the best social bookmarking sites that you can use to share the links of your blog posts. There are many other sites where you can share your link, but I have used only these sites so you can share other sites that you have used or know about in this post.

I would love if you could share the best social bookmarking sites with us via the comments below and I will update the post.